Senor Tech’s design and development team paves the way to meet consumer trends, producing a POS solution that is integrated, intuitive and innovative.

Retail requires the management of sales, stock and customers utilising a smart and reliable system. Senor offers an all-in-one solution containing our point of sale iSPOS machine, a thermal receipt printerheavy duty cash drawer and bar code scanner setup. You can also integrate the machine with an array of peripherals to choose from, such as the magnetic or smart card reader to fulfil membership requirements, or top it off with a wireless LAN connection to keep your system connected for a cable free solution. If space is a priority for you, consider our compact and powerful 10.4’’ screen iSPOS S10. It saves counter space and maximises counter area for last-minute treats and special promotions for impulse purchases!

If you prefer to keep your monitor and PC separate, consider the AMON touch monitor and the Mini POS PC. The AMON is not just a monitor. It is feature rich, customizable and built especially for point of sale to last. Request to integrate a customer display, card reader or turn it into a pole mount solution. Pair this with the most compact fanless Mini POS PC and you have found yourself a complete POS solution.