✔  Ideally suited for guests check-in / membership registration / information operator / warehouse management / government facilities
✔  Optional 3-track MSR / RFID reader / wireless LAN / VFD / customer display

Sleek design, wall mount panel PC
The wall mount solution, iSPOS S106 WS is ideally suited for sites with restricted space that require multiple access points for self-service activities.
Powered by Intel® Quad Core Celeron J1900 platform and fitted with SSD storage, the iSPOS S106 exhibits superior performance and reliability to manage high volume tasks effectively. A wide array of integrated options for seamless and wireless communication ensures the system is well connected.

Key Features 

iSPOS S106 WS - Fanless & Ventless iSPOS S106 WS - Internal Power Supply iSPOS S106 WS - VESA Mount Capable
Fanless & Ventless Internal Power Supply VESA Mount Capable

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